Jan. 21st, 2016

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Solutions are up for this year's Mystery Hunt -- or mostly up; metas, metametas, and a few scattered others appear to be lacking them. Well, whatever.

EDIT: Quantum Minesweeper solution is now up, so I've updated this entry accordingly.
EDIT 1/23: I've added some more stuff now that a few of the meta solutions are up.
BIG EDIT 1/26: It turns out out there's a good reason why the hunt software was lacking its usual capabilities here! [livejournal.com profile] devjoe, who was on Team Luck, goes into it here.

So this year I was on Donner Party (again). Seems a few of my other friends joined Donner Party this year; Kevin defected from Codex, and Nic was on it too.

Results don't seem to be up yet so I don't know just how behind we were. I assumed we must be really behind all the time; I think we reached every round on a timer. (We didn't solve any of the round metas or metametas, and only one or two of the sub-round metas.) On the other hand, we were already on the Endymion round by the time the coin was found (along with everybody else I guess), so maybe we weren't as behind as I thought. Still, I feel like one of these years I need to get back on a bigger team; Mystery Hunt is considerably more fun when you're actually in contention for the win, you know? Also when you stay up all night and there are actually a good number of other people staying up all night with you. (Due to my staying up all night, I ended up going to bed on Sunday shortly before 7 PM... and about 5 minutes before the coin was found. It was probably found while I was, like, brushing my teeth or something.)

I tried to get people from Baker House (where I now live; I guess I haven't mentioned that) to join in but none did. Melissa mentioned that her brother does Mystery Hunt but didn't join in herself for whatever reason. I did however recruit Adam Funk from Truth House for the Hunt; after the first day, when other Bakerites failed to join in, I spent much of my solving time in his room instead of in public areas of Baker like I'd intended. Unfortunately these past two weeks have been quite busy for me and so I wasn't able to prepare Adam, or others, as much as I should have, but he still contributed quite a bit, I think.

Before I talk about the individual puzzles, I want to talk about how just how the Hunt was run this year, and in particular the hunt website/software. Simply put, I didn't like it. The Hunt for the past few years had used the same software for its website and it worked really well. This one... didn't. Not in the sense that it was buggy, but in the sense that it was just lacking the (even basic) features I'd come to expect from the past few years. It wouldn't show you which puzzles you'd already solved; you had to keep track of that yourself. (Because I started late, I initially assumed the check marks in the dog show round indicated the puzzles we'd solved. Nope.) It wouldn't show you what wrong answers you'd already submitted; you had to keep track of that yourself. There was nothing explaining how round advancement worked or anything like that, let alone showing your current score (were there scores? I don't know) or time left until next unlock. (When I said above we advanced to every round on a timer, that was an inference.) No list of all puzzles unlocked so far. Etc. Fancy 3D animations are not much of a replacment for actual functionality.

Not to mention the most obvious annoyance of all -- every time you made it to a new round, you had to go to a different website! One with crazy long unprouncable strings of letters in them that you couldn't just easily tell someone. Part of what I want in the Hunt is to be able to easily recruit people during Hunt-time and bring them in without having to get them officially added to the team. Being able to just tell them the website, here's our username, here's our password, works really well for that. This doesn't.

Which brings me to a different point -- I'm not sure I like how Donner Party organized things this year. In the past I'd solved for Manic Sages and Codex, who each used (IIRC) a combination of IRC and a MediaWiki-based wiki. This worked really well; I could let someone else use my account for the wiki, and anyone can use IRC. More recently on Strange New Universe and Donner Party we'd used (IIRC agin) IRC (still pretty straightforward) and Google Docs. The latter is a bit more of a pain, I can't just *tell* someone something, I have to use the software to share them on it.

This year we used Google Docs, Trello (acting like the "list of puzzles" page on a wiki), and Slack (substituting for IRC). This... oy. (It was especially a pain combined with the Hunt website address issue I've mentioned above.) Trello was a good addition organization-wise, but I had some trouble adding Adam. (Actually we were using a team account, but I forgot that. Oops.) Still, it eventually worked. Slack, I couldn't figure out how to add him to the chat at all.

Like I said, what I want is to be able to quickly and unofficially add people mid-Hunt. This means either any accounts used should be team ones and I can just give them the username and password, or should be throwaway ones (like on a specialized wiki, rather than on Trello as a whole) that I can also give away. The Trello + Google Docs system was good, about on par with using a wiki, but slightly more troublesome to add people. But Slack seems like a definite downgrade from IRC; having a channel history is a plus but not being able to add Adam is a problem.

(Also, getting back to the Hunt itself, is it just me or were there a lot of unnecessary PDFs this year?)

Anyway, enough about that; time to talk about individual puzzles!

Cut for length and spoilers )

Anyway, that's it for this year. Hopefully next year is a bit better-run. And maybe I really should see about joining a larger team...


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