Feb. 1st, 2017

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So, I didn't get to participate much in Mystery Hunt this year, unfortunately, due to my computer suddenly crapping out on Saturday. (Website with solutions for this year's hunt: http://solutions.monsters-et-manus.com/hunt/index.html )

So, yeah, I was on Donner Party again this year, at least until my computer failed. Seems I don't know anyone else in Madison who does Mystery Hunt so I was just doing it alone from my apartment.

This one didn't go very well for Donner Party. So -- we were a remote-only team this year; we had literally nobody in Cambridge. Turns out, this hunt was structured in such a way as to make that a real problem -- there were, as originally planned, no time-releases; you had to unlock puzzles by solving previous ones... and it was arranged in such a way that a remote-only team would inevitably get stuck. (Thankfully we did at least eventually get time-releases.) This (and other similar problems, see below) caused quite a bit of (justified, IMO) grumbling on the internal team chat. Basically it went:
A: This is so unfair, that they don't accomodate remote-only teams at all!
B: Well, we could have sent someone to Cambridge.
A: Sure, but we explicitly asked them if it was OK that we were a remote-only team, and they said yes. If it was going to cause a problem they should have warned us when we asked.

I'm in agreement with A. Although ultimately it became irreelvant to me when computer problems forced me to withdraw.

(I'm also writing this late because getting my computer fixed, uh, took a while.)

Also, is it just me, or did this year's metas make backsolving especially difficult? Or maybe that's only true of the rounds I actually saw.

So, this will be shorter than usual, but:

Cut for puzzle spoilers )

And, that's all I have to say for this year. Hopefully things go better for me next year!


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